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Project Description
These projects are written by me to share part of what wish to share with the development community. Hopefully you will learn something from it!

Mirrored at Github.

Included demos:
MEFDemo - This solution is the source code to a talk I presented to the Northeast Arkansas .NET Users Group ( It covers the basics of the Managed Extensibility Framework.
WPFDemo - This solution provides some random WPF related code. *Updated 1-28-13 with more wonderful random WPF stuff
ImageOrganizer - A sample application using MVVM and the WPF Ribbon. Make sure you have the WPF Ribbon library and the Prism library installed and registered before building.
MDIElementHostTestApp - Demonstrates a bug with using ElementHost in an MDI application and a quick workaround for it.
XAMLMagicks - The solution is the source code to my second talk for NEADNUG. It covers a wide variety of WPF related code I have written and attempts to dispel the seemingly magical aspects. Warning: Contains pictures of cats.
FolderCrawlerDemo: A sample project that will simply traverse a directory with multithreading. A semaphore controls the maximum number of concurrent traversals.
LARPInvaders - A silly and fun game written in C++ w/ SDL. Use WASD to move and the arrow keys to fire lightning bolts. NOTE: Music assets are not committed since they were not open domain, will fix this later.
CustomSnapIns - A custom Powershell SnapIn project. Point was to create an 'Out-Clipboard' filter, but you have to invoke it on the right kind of thread apartment.
Reflection - Code written for a Tech Tuesday demo on different things you can do with Reflection.
VSDebugging - Code written for a Tech Tuesday demo on different things you can do with the VS Debugger. NOTE: Web project is missing some Nuget package info, will fix this later.
WebServices - Code written for a Tech Tuesday demo on using WCF to create a web service.
GMailLabelCleanup - ASP.NET MVC 4 application with Google API integration to view and edit your labels. Additionally, can import/export filters. Live demo here:
VSTemplates - My custom item templates. Typically dropped in My Documents\Visual Studio 20xx\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual C#\Code. Free icons from (

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